The Jes Foord Foundation offers support to rape survivors

In just six short and busy years, Jes has risen above and beyond. Starting with her perpetrators being convicted and put in prison soon after the doors of the Jes Foord Foundation offered support to rape survivors.

Jes has subsequently achieved speaking about her story and the foundation’s message in almost every Province; she has opened two rape survivor centres and the foundation started and is still offering free counselling. In 2011 Jes Foord married her special man, Jono and just a month ago they celebrated the life of two little humans, with the birth of their twins, Daniel and Layla.

In amongst all this, Jes and her foundation team have embarked on education and awareness programmes that impact on all ages, races and genders to support rape survivors, educate the men and boys in our countries and to help our girls realise what their rights are.

All we can say as her team and her friends is, here’s to another 6 years working alongside such a beautiful and strong human being, with such an optimism for South Africa and an amazing future.