A beautiful thank you from our Survivor all the way in Korea – with funds raised from last night and donations from amazing people like you we are able to relocate her to a better environment where she can continue to save for her studies when she returns home to South Africa.Below was the write up for raising funds with the Barnyard event:

The Jes Foord Foundation reaches out to Korea to make a difference.

With her birthday around the corner, Jes Foord will not only celebrate in style, but she will also celebrate for another worthwhile cause. Every year the Jes Foord Foundation hosts its annual Barnyard Theatre event on 26 September, 2013, to mark Jes’ birthday. This year, funds raised from this event will be used to buy an air ticket for a rape survivor in Korea to relocate.

rape counelling durbanAfter receiving a message via our website from a young man desperately trying to arrange counselling for his friend who had been raped in Korea, Michelle Smith the Trauma Counsellor for the Jes Foord foundation set up a Skype counselling session for the Survivor and these counselling sessions have been on-going on a weekly basis.

The 22-year-old survivor who wishes to remain anonymous, is a South African teaching English in Korea. Her harrowing encounter with her attacker took place only three weeks into her stay in the country. Far away from home and having to deal with the trauma of her ordeal, isolated by the language barrier, terrified by the threat of possible STD’s, the fear of pregnancy, AIDS, as well as feeling guilty about not fighting back, and having a stressful teaching job where the learners don’t respect her, this survivor is desperate to move out of the environment she is currently in.

Having heard of her plight, the Jes Food Foundation is eager to help her relocate, but in order to do so, they need to raise the necessary funds and for this they appeal to the public to assist by supporting the Barnyard Theatre event. Those who cannot make the event but will still like to donate towards the South African rape survivor in Korea.

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