Jes Foord Foundation Handbag Campaign

Based on SAPS stats for 2013/2014 just over 7 sexual offences are reported every hour in South Africa. So over a period of 16 days that equals over 2,745 reported cases (plus more of which are not reported in many instances) and we are wanting to match this with kindness of a comfort-bag or kiddi-pack.

We would like to challenge you and your company to be part of helping the Jes Foord Foundation deliver 2,937 handbags to the various Rape (Survivor) Centres in our Country.

Each handbag has the following items packed in it:-

· Soap
· Shampoo
· Conditioner
· Facecloth
· Body lotion
· Hair brush or comb
· Toothbrush and toothpaste
· Small packet of tissues
· 4 seperately sealed sanitary pads
· Panties

The Foundation relies on donations from companies and individuals who have the urge to bring hope to hundreds of people going through the harrowing aftermath of rape. When you give of your time or money to the Foundation, you are not only helping us to educate people about the very real problems of rape but you are also helping to revolutionise the way rape victims are treated. You help them regain something priceless, their dignity and self esteem and we thank you for this. Find out more on our Facebook page or email [email protected] our landline is 0861 333 449.