This year people around the world were shocked by the revelations of gender-based violence when the international #MeToo movement against sexual harassment hit social media. Then the local social media @AmINext left many asking how we break this cycle of violence in South Africa. 

The approach by the Jes Foord Foundation is to create awareness and inspire young boys between 14 and 19 to say enough is enough!  The Jonsson Foundation is a long standing supporter of the work by the courageous Jes Foord. This year Jonsson supported The Young Men’s Mentorship programme attended by 32 boys selected from 8 high schools in the KwaMashu, Phoenix, Newlands and Durban North area.  They are identified after Awareness Talks which reached all their fellow students. Through mentorship Jes’s team of mentors reshape their understanding of their current and future roles to support women and children facing abusive situations.

Over the years Jes has spoken to Jonssonites to empower women to use their voice, inform us about rights and what best to do in the case of abuse or rape.