The project that holds a special place in our hearts – the Young Men’s Mentorship Program, has blossomed into another wonderful initiative – our very own JFF Soccer League. 
The JFF Soccer League kicked off in the community of Hammarsdale, with various clubs from the area and surrounds coming forward to participate. This program focuses on our mentors and men from the community igniting change through soccer, team work and the spirit of Ubuntu.As we all know, sports, and in this particular case soccer, have a way of bringing people together – and it is during these moments of intense focus and collaboration that we can truly get our message across. To give an indication of this impact, at the very first launch meeting we had more than 300 men standing up against Gender-Based Violence against women and children.
The reason we love this kind of group involvement, is because all of these men will stand as ambassadors for change, as well as becoming role models within their own communities. These initiatives have the power to spread awareness about rape, sexual abuse and consent far and wide, and have a much greater impact than a single awareness talk.
There were many incredible moments witnessed during these events, from the singing, to cheering each other on, but the most inspiring moment for us was when we handed over the trophy to the winning team of the day. We can’t wait for more days spent with the young men and mentors of these communities and whope to see this grow into more communities and have even more men standing together against GBV