In the beginning of 2018, in celebration of 10 years of the Jes Foord Foundation, Jes set a goal for the team to reach 110 000 for the financial year. Through dedication, support and utilising all of our initiatives, we managed to reach a total of 101 043 learners by the 28th of February 2019. Although we didn’t make the exact number, we are still incredibly proud that we were able to reach so many people of all ages and genders through our awareness talks, Learner Awareness Impact Program and Handbag project. This was an incredibly massive feat considering that we only reached around 30 000 people the year prior, and we owe a lot of this success to our new vehicle, which has allowed us to really get mobile!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported us along the way, to our volunteers and especially to our amazing team who tirelessly works to help others, sometimes with no benefit to themselves.

We hope to keep this momentum going for the 2019 financial year and we know we will be able to do it with your help.

All of our love!
The JFF Team