This year, as part of the global #16DaysofActivism movement, The Jes Foord Foundation will be partnering with Angels Care Centre to embark on a 16-day Activism Roadshow from the Upper Highway area all the way through to Howick. Our aim is to reach as many schools as we can along the way to create awareness about this movement, Gender-Based Violence as a whole, as well as to reach as many victims as we can in need of our help and support.

The prevalence of Gender-Based Violence and sexual assault in our society is unprecedented. Never in our South African history, have we seen such frightening statistics of women and children falling victim to Gender-Based Violence. Our society is not a safe place for women and children alike, and that desperately needs to change. This is why we’re doing what we’re doing – to make home safe again.

There is strength in numbers, and the more individuals we can get on board to participate and support #16DaysofActivism, the more we can honour this international movement and all of the survivors who it’s geared towards helping.

The schools we will be visiting is Sikhethuxolo High School DSD (25 November), Rosehill Primary School (26 November), Othweba Ntukusweni Community and St. Michaels Primary School (29 November), Addington School (30 November), Kwamkhizwana Community (3 December), Bux Farm Community Centre (7 December) and Chief Luthayi School (8 December).

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