Young Men's Mentorship Program

Our Young Men’s Mentorship program was developed by Jes, the counselling team as well as a few well-known and respectable leaders in the KZN community. The mentorship program selects 30-40 young men between Grades 9 and 11 and sends them on a 3-day camp facilitated by volunteers from the Hammarsdale Victim Friendly Centre along with the guidance of the Spirit of Adventure team.

The objectives of the camp are to use psycho-educational skills to instil healthy, positive leadership qualities that the foundation believes a male, living in South Africa should have. The facilitators explore the following topics through various exercises that are physically and mentally challenging for the young men.

  • Self-esteem/ Who am I?
  • Relationships, sex and sexuality
  • The role of a man
  • Bullying 
  • Anger and aggression
  • Importance of communication 

The final module is about dreaming big and exposing the young men to strong role models who have dreams and are living them.

The camp ends with a feedback session which gives the young men the opportunity to voice their feelings and opinions regarding the camp. Many of the young men give constructive feedback on what being part the camp meant to them and how it has changed their perception of themselves and the world.

Here’s some feedback from our previous camps:

The above topics proved their importance as the young men did report that they (as adolescents) struggle with identity and social skills that plague their communities on a daily basis. 

The young men stated that the discussions and activities, helped them in terms of understanding their identity, building trust with one another and the importance of communication and moral support.

Overall the young men reported that they were genuinely excited about learning new things and the entire camp experience. They all made comments around the topics discussed during the group sessions and they enjoyed learning about the importance of teamwork, communication, the role of the man, anger and aggression and understanding types of bullying. 

It is our hope that the young men are inspired by the work that the Jes Foord Foundation team has done for them and that there will be a positive ripple effect within their community.