Rape Victims Crisis Center Durban

Rape Counselling

The Jes Foord Foundation offers free trauma counselling for survivors of rape and sexual assault, as well as family/love ones affected by the trauma. The foundation is committed to the full restoration and healing process/journey of the survivor and those affected by the trauma.

Jes’s idea for the handbag project was the first step for the cleansing of the outside, but being a rape survivor herself, she knows how important the journey of counselling is in order for the inner healing process to take place.

On-going counselling is optional and is always up to the survivor to decide, but as Jes says in her talks if you cut yourself badly and need stitches, would you ask your mother to use a cotton and needle to stitch you, in the same way as you would go to a doctor or specialist, so in terms of trauma, we recommend at the Foundation that you see a counsellor to help deal with the trauma and the effects of trauma.

Counselling is offered at our Kloof Offices, Glenwood via St Augustine’s Hospital, City Central via Ikhwezi Guidance and Consulting team and Mariannhill via our Mariannhill Multipurpose Counselling Centre. We not only offer counselling for survivors who have been raped recently, but if you have been a survivor of rape and maybe never sought help before and find you might still need counselling, feel free to call into our offices and speak to our counsellor to book a free counselling session.

Any survivor of rape, sexual assault, molestation or any sexual violation that has caused trauma either presently or in the past, that needs counselling can call in to our offices or fill in the counselling box to book an appointment.

As trauma does not only affect the survivor but also family and loved ones, counselling is also offered to those who have secondary trauma from what has happened to their loved one.

In 2013 we launched our support group: Becoming a Survivor. The sole purpose of this group is for women to find the kind of support they are looking for, to be able to share in confidence with other women their similar experience, to learn from each other and to build lasting relationships and friendships. To be a part of becoming a survivor, please contact our counsellor at our head office.