The Jes Foord Foundation offers free trauma counselling to survivors of rape, molestation and sexual assault, as well as for family and loved ones aected by the trauma.  The foundation is wholly committed to the full restoration and healing process of the survivor. Counselling is offered at our Kloof Offices, in Glenwood through St Augustine’s Hospital, Central Durban through the Ikhwezi Guidance and Consulting team and in Mariannhill via our own Mariannhill Multi-purpose Counseling Centre.

We not only offer counselling for survivors who have been raped recently, but if you have been a survivor of rape and perhaps never sought help before and find you might still need counselling, feel free to call  our offices and speak to our counselor to book a free counselling session.

In 2013, we launched our support group; Becoming a Survivor.  The purpose of this group is for women to find the kind of support they are looking for, to be able to share in condence with other women whom have had similar experiences, to learn from each other and most of all to build lasting relationships and friendships. Get in touch with Trish for more information on our support group.