The JFF Learners Awareness Impact Program (LAIP), was compiled from our
current Awareness Talk documentation as well as information from the international
No Means No – Worldwide NGO. This program is a 6-week course which was piloted in 8 schools in 2018, focusing on learners from grade 6 to grade 9. This program is tailored for both boys and girls and is conducted in English and Zulu. The final leg of the program involves a survey analysis, completed by each learner, in order to generate impact evidence to prove the effectiveness of our campaign.
Our aim is to continue with this program and reach a total of 1 000 learners for the 2019 Financial Year. The 2019 LAIP will run from the 1st of March 2019 to the 28th of February 2020, and will target 10-15 schools across KZN.

The Impact program:
In 2018, The Jes Foord Foundation launched their Learners Awareness Impact Program to support the target of reaching a total of 110 000 learners for the year. The JFF Awareness Campaign, which comprises of our once-off Awareness Talks, Learners Awareness Impact Program and our Awareness Talks in Junior schools is an important part of changing behaviour within the youth of our country.
Jes’s message to survivors has always been; “You have done nothing wrong, it was not your fault, it doesn’t matter where you were, what you were wearing, No Means No!” From this message, The JFF counselling team created the Learner Awareness Impact Program (LAIP), which is targeted to reach the younger generation of our communities, with the focus being on understanding consent and using their voices as a tool of empowerment and self-defence.

Our once-off talks are generally 45-50 minutes long, and the topics we cover are:
• Sharing Jes’ Story demonstrating survivor not victim
• What to do if you have been raped (Thuthuzela Centre and Court Preparation Officers)
• Knowing your rights as a survivor
• Symptoms of trauma
• The Importance of counselling
• Q & A session

The structure of the Impact program:

The LAIP is a new addition to our awareness campaign and we are still in the piloting phase.  It consists of six 1-hour sessions and the topics covered are:

• Week 1: NO means NO!
• Week 2: Who am I? Knowing your rights
• Week 3: Understanding sexual assault and consent
• Week 4: Self-defense, NO means NO and boundaries and verbal defense.
• Week 5: What to do if you have been raped?
Week 6: Symptoms of trauma/rape and the Importance of counselling
Week 7: General Assembly & survey

Our Primary School talks are adapted for age-appropriateness focusing on Senior Primary, Junior Primary and Pre-Primary Schools.

 The topics covered here are:
• What to do if you have been raped?
• Good touch bad touch (consent)
• The Importance of counselling
• Awareness song/chant

 We wish to continue our Learners Awareness Impact Program as an on-going initiative and our aim for 2019 is to target 1 000 learners in the following areas and surrounding schools;
➢ Umbilo
➢ Umlazi
➢ KwaNyuswa
➢ Scottsburgh
➢ Point
➢ Chatsworth
➢ Mariannhill
➢ Hammarsdale
➢ Embo
➢ Wentworth
➢ KwaMashu