Rape Victims Crisis Center Durban

Our Mission

The Jes Foord Foundation (JFF) was formed by rape survivor Jes Foord. Her vision and mission is to create centres that will help and assist in reducing the debilitating effect that rape has on the lives of rape survivors and their families.

Emotional support will be provided through counselling with the intention of empowering all those affected by rape.

As well as educate and raise awareness in the community on issues of rape.

Free Rape Counselling

The Jes Foord Foundation's rape counselling is committed to the full restoration and healing process/journey of the survivor.

At the Netcare Centre at St. Augustine’s Hospital, rape survivors are provided free medical treatment, as well as an on call counsellor, who will arrive to support the survivor and the family from the very start of the journey.... More counselling info
Call: 0861 333 449

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