Actively Against Initiative

The Actively Against Initiative was formed in 2012, after our marketing manager at time made major headway getting the awareness surrounding Jes’ message into the schools of KZN.  With Jes’ message the foundation was able to reach the hearts of many young sportsmen in these schools who opted to wear green shorts in order to show their support for the foundation and what it stands for.

Later that year, the foundation’s search for green rugby shorts led them to meet the amazing team at Jonssons Workwear. It is our hope that if 1000 pupils or supporters raise R1000 per pair of shorts we could raise R1,000,000 to help further other Jes Foord Foundation projects, like the Hand Bag Project and furthering education and awareness in all communities.

In 2016, one Grade 11 pupil raised over R7,000 from a single raffle and now herself and her team of friends proudly don the green shorts to show their support for the foundation and it’s causes.  You can too – let us know how you would like to raise funds by emailing or calling our Project Manager, Trish on 0861 333 449.